To Run Or Not To Run, That Is The Question! | Kittisaurus Villains 

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A snack-stealing vacuum-cleaning monster appeared!

Having regained his old powers (and picked up some new ones, too), LuLu the Cat is back to his usual tricks with his friends DoDo and DD, as well as the mysterious Master MoMo.Everything is back to normal… or is it? Not according to Professor CoCo, the most scientific cat in the world! Professor CoCo’s discovered a secret that might change the world, and it’s up to LuLu and his friends to make things right!

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3 Jun 2021



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Hatagamer10 Vor 3 Tage
Tt speak wizzard
melody Vor 5 Tage
What's with ToTo..
Aida Batres
Aida Batres Vor 6 Tage
ToTo saying BOSS BOSS 😂😂😂😂
Aida Batres
Aida Batres Vor Tag
@AntiTroll1000 oh ok lol
That’s DoDo.
Malia Huerta
Malia Huerta Vor 9 Tage
"DD hate this. DD not square. DD square." DD is totally my spirit animal 😂
sylvi kleian
sylvi kleian Vor 10 Tage
I love lulu because lulu cute cat
Late Nite Reflections
Now this is quality content.
Feckless Vor 12 Tage
But isnt DD more of a rectangle?
Kavitha Raj
Kavitha Raj Vor 15 Tage
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Rakhi Saha
Rakhi Saha Vor 19 Tage
Robert Hong
Robert Hong Vor 19 Tage
Stop talking About the snacks😂...
angela29ist Vor 21 Tag
SoNam DexK
SoNam DexK Vor 21 Tag
Lulu have mega skills omg 😮
Panicioka Vor 22 Tage
this is the scariest video I've ever seen
Mehmet TUNÇ
Mehmet TUNÇ Vor 23 Tage
Old kid back
R r
R r Vor 24 Tage
Where is toto and nana?
ToTo is the one that attacked the roomba.
athar naraya
athar naraya Vor 26 Tage
Coco: what came first the cat or the egg? Me: are u talking about chicken or cats? Because cats when they r born they don't live in eggs
레아 Vor 27 Tage
Maria Isaac
Maria Isaac Vor 27 Tage
Toto is the real Rockstar. 😘🖤👅🤘🐈(10)
Mali Ralte
Mali Ralte Vor 27 Tage
I love lulu 🤣😍 verry cute n ugly
Nica Vor 28 Tage
I like the lore
George Fister
George Fister Vor 28 Tage
Sulochana Jayathunga
cati alonso la dibuixant
I love your cats Claire hugs
Manzii- o -Panzii.
Manzii- o -Panzii. Vor 29 Tage
"DD going" "DD going home:,D"
Najama Khatoon
Najama Khatoon Vor Monat
I love your all cats I wish also I would have cats like them
maYuEve Vor Monat
Just when Coco says: "I sense something that shouldn't be here." Toto passes in the background behind the bottle. The editing in this video and dialogs are just perfect!!!! 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Amina Hodovic
Amina Hodovic Vor Monat
Mom uff
SureshVinayak Boyina
lulu i have a plan i want you take the all the cat food ok
seher shirazi
seher shirazi Vor Monat
Abishek Saravanan
she is'nt dodo she is nana
Thomas Meijer
Thomas Meijer Vor Monat
First of all both cats are boys. Secondly the 2nd cat is ToTo not NaNa
Abishek Saravanan
lulu is scaredy lulu
myk Bern
myk Bern Vor Monat
DD going Home (He's already home)
Ариона Огури
Lulu: Then... who was the cat I was with? DoDo: I have no idea, Boss! ToTo: Brother... Have you lost your memory? 🤨
Munawara Sultana
Lulu:I am not a cat I am an egg They all are so cute
Dewypond Vor Monat
“DD hate this” “DD not round” “DD square” LOL
MJ At Thoy
MJ At Thoy Vor Monat
Lulu is so cute 😍
Iceofflower Vor Monat
Oh I'm so sad every time I hear DD's voice 😒 He's one of the cleverest cat of all and he sounds like he's not smart at all( But all the other cats are pretty good though
Dee Scarlet
Dee Scarlet Vor Monat
Mr. Square.
64 - Anang Subhan Efendi
Who is that if DoDo there who is he
Ethan Rhuel Ibasco Resurreccion
4:44 - Lulu: You we're pretty good yourself Dodo: What do you mean, i was hiding? Coco: Could it be? Its worst than i thought! Lulu: Huh? Then... who was the cat i was with? Thats so scary, it looks like Dodo, but its not him...
Илья Плеханов
я люблю эту озвучку ток из-за 1го фактора, когда Диди озвучивает ржать охота 😀🤣🤣🤣
allyV8nia Vor Monat
Dont you still have toto and the mom
Kama Arrumi Jose
I think that brave cat is toto
Brando Calrisian
I just love this so much, and so well done too! I hope it becomes a series or a movie, something with a continuing storyline/theme!
Kristian Mathiesen
DD is as usual lazy, even running away 😂
C H Vor Monat
DD can't help
Scott Pool
Scott Pool Vor Monat
I love it awesome kitty cats in their snacks I love it ❤️🐈❤️
CanDandy Vor Monat
I love how you have evolved your videos into this wonderful “cat sitcom”…I love it!!! I also know that you love doing it…It gives us all an inspiration to have fun with our cats, or our significant others…Thank u Claire!!!
Bun Cakes
Bun Cakes Vor Monat
When one of the cats got scared you scared me😹😂🤣😆😁
Mila Tiha
Mila Tiha Vor Monat
Лулу я просто обожаю!
Kartini Tini
Kartini Tini Vor Monat
He's not a dodo, He's a toto!!! 😨😨
Michelle chanel
Michelle chanel Vor Monat
Hanah so cute
Drawing memoirs
Drawing memoirs Vor Monat
John Baker
John Baker Vor Monat
We bought one of those, brought it home, turned it on, it scanned the room, went out the door, And Never Came Back! 😱 Technology, BAH! 🤣😝😹
연우 Vor Monat
점점 호러가 되어가는 크월드 스토리! ;ㅂ; 꺄아아아
Nikiktor 008
Nikiktor 008 Vor Monat
Очень классно! Сюжет набирает обороты, но я что то не вижу Нану и Тото, если кто знает можете сказать
Hawra Fatma
Hawra Fatma Vor Monat
Lala : Mya? Lala so cute 😍
Hawra Fatma
Hawra Fatma Vor Monat
Lulu : the monster is round, so. We need a round cat! 😍😂😁
Hawra Fatma
Hawra Fatma Vor Monat
Momo : i'm a heart 😁
Snoopy Snoopy
Snoopy Snoopy Vor Monat
Hey Claire! Did you know thumbnail for lulu has become a meme?
FlameGamer Vor Monat
0:12 Oh My God...., He Ate Paper
belledandyangel Vor Monat
I love how Dodo calling Lulu, Boss. And together, they are always hatching some plan for food 😆🤣
Pika Fox
Pika Fox Vor Monat
You definitely need to do a collab with munchkin btw I am a fan of all of your amazing cats
yugo Vor Monat
Coco:what come first the cat or the egg
yugo Vor Monat
0:59 attention governement of creamtown as issued to a amergency snack alert system
sunsvilis Vor Monat
Think lulu think should be a meme
Zairev Collas Figueroa
4:30 Lulu was scared, who was it that is defeating and dodo says it does not seem that toto is what he was fighting
Zairev Collas Figueroa
Lulu: It was a success. dodo: very good brother but I was hidden. Lulu: who was it that hit the monster uhhhhh. toto: I was the hiding cat
sultan Vor Monat
dodo boss is lulu
Wow lulu and Dodo best t3am ever!!!!
루루 Vor Monat
루루 귀요미-!💕
join the game
join the game Vor Monat
4:33 😧
LuLu: food lover Coco: Extremly smart DD: DD NOT ROUND DD SQUARE
unvirtual character
I'm sorry for asking this but cream heroes channel still update? If I'm not wrong the channel have been took away from u right? I'm sorry I'm still confuse 😭
unvirtual character
@Aniel chall ikr but they keep reposting Claire's videos 😭
Aniel chall
Aniel chall Vor Monat
That channel is no longer hers sadly
Bethany Rose Rubright
I think it was Dodo's brother, Toto... They are twins after all (I think)...
Tusi Chowdhury
Tusi Chowdhury Vor Monat
4:36 Lol
ellaenor sayuti
ellaenor sayuti Vor Monat
Horror movie after all 😅
ilana ran
ilana ran Vor Monat
What's different lala and coco, confuse
Bud Martin
Bud Martin Vor Monat
Lala has short legs like Lulu.
Thomas Meijer
Thomas Meijer Vor Monat
@ilana ran no problem
ilana ran
ilana ran Vor Monat
@Thomas Meijer wwooooowww very detail 😊, thank you
Thomas Meijer
Thomas Meijer Vor Monat
So CoCo is bigger and older then LaLa. LaLa is a girl while CoCo is a boy. LaLa has dark blue eyes while CoCo has sky blue eyes. LaLa's fur is cleaner then CoCo's fur. LaLa has a bit of black on her nose while CoCo's nose is entirely pink and LaLa is a troublemaker while CoCo isn't
Andrei Alexandru Olteanu
Thomas Meijer
Thomas Meijer Vor Monat
It is ToTo
My Miss Suhana
My Miss Suhana Vor Monat
Momo: I am a heart
Brandon Lincoln
Brandon Lincoln Vor Monat
Dd is the dum one Lala is the innocent one Lulu is the leader and the star of the show
Navaneet Das
Navaneet Das Vor Monat
Cutest dialog of all: LALA: mya....
Sandy Logan
Sandy Logan Vor Monat
Pleeeeeaaase stop with giving the cats voices! It ruins the video for me.
Max Headroom
Max Headroom Vor Monat
Claire, PLEASE continue to do the voice overs for the cats. You did SO well! I laughed so hard at the characters you gave to all the cats! Your English was excellent, too!
wookie2222 Vor Monat
Can you make one day a video, where all cats are charecters from Star Trek? Lulu could be Kirk, Coco McCoy, DD Scotty and so on.
Melissa Sheehy
Melissa Sheehy Vor Monat
"What should we do Boss?" Super Cute Claire! Good job squad! Regardless of your shapes!
Blaster Vor Monat
That "Oh, DD!" At 1:31 always makes me smile
Mystic Violet
Mystic Violet Vor Monat
The cat fighting with the device is probably ToTo,I guess.
Carol Plays roblox Flip clip and Gacha
Dodos Friend was attacking the monster :>
Ashley Quinnan
Ashley Quinnan Vor Monat
I wasn't expecting voices in English!!! It's so cute! 😄
Dewi Sukma
Dewi Sukma Vor Monat
Lulu luv yuuu♥️
Shankershan srivastava
This video is like cream dela cream ❤
Marcon Cat Family
*_“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”_*
md kamrul sikder
my cat died today 😭😭😭😫😭😭😭😫😫😫
titik Vor Monat
Lulu: just snack.. snack.. snack and snack... wkkkk
Enick Seno
Enick Seno Vor Monat
ToTo is so scary
Enick Seno
Enick Seno Vor Monat
DoDo and ToTo are big cute cat. DD is so fanny and LuLu too. ToTo is so brave and LuLu too
Keenandra Keenandra
Pui pui
Tony the motherfucking Tiger
DD: DD going *Sees the monster* DD: Going home that is
Christopher Kropog
Sounds like Elmo….
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